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Has Anyone Broken Ti Spindle Pedals on their SS???

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I recently built up a Bianchi P.U.S.S. (w/ 650b wheels).

I have both SS and Ti Speedplay frog pedals. I weigh around 175 with all of my gear on. The Ti pedals are rated for 185, but singlespeed would certainly put more stress on them. I'm also sure the 185 rating is more like 215 - they are always conservative with weight limits.

So should I just go with the Ti? Has anyone broken Ti Frogs???


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Nice bike. If you want to use them, do. You should be well and truly fine. Fabian Cancellara uses Ti spindled speedplay pedals and he is both over the weight limit and a hugely powerful rider. If you have broken cranks in the past, maybe use the SS ones. Even so, they should be fine. If they are not, you have a warranty and a spare set of pedals.

FWIW, speedplay cleats (soft brass and fast wearing) + Single speeding (hike-a-bike) is probably not the best combo, but yeah, other than that, you'll be fine.
I'm researching pedals now, and found this thread and thought I'd chime in. This past Sunday I raced the Firecracker 50 on my singlespeed using Egg Beater 2Ti pedals with Ti spindles from The spindles are stronger than the standard CB ti spindles, and less expensive. Plus a few mm narrower Q factor.

However, I'm researching pedals because I found out the hard way how much a difference a hardtail puts on pedals vs a FS bike. My Maverick 5" rear bike has had Egg Beaters for years without problems. After about 45 days on my singlespeed, during lap 1 of the race, I destroyed the EB 2Ti. The spring broke in half. Spoke with tech support guys after the race (Shimano and many of the bike frame manufacturers) and they said it always happens with singlespeeders. We just put so much more of a beating on our pedals, also that we're on hardtails.
So now I'm looking for XTR or Time pedals without Ti axles.
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