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Has anyone actually SEEN a GF Ferrous???

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I think the Fisher Ferrous is a cool bike (steel HT), but I haven't heard one single thing about them. There are none on the trail, none in the local shops, no reviews on MTBR, and no buzz in the forums. Has anyone actually seen one, because I'm starting to think they don't really exist ("evil conspiracy theory #11"...:skep: )
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They don't exist...

yet. They are slated for a July/early August release date AFAIK.
Well, that explains it. I think that will be a popular model once it hits the showroom.
And for 2007 a 29er version !

I've got a 29er Paragon and love the big wheels, and would like to add a winterbike or singlespeed, with the Ferrous 29 I can have both !
Are you saying that the Ferrous is gonna offered in a 29" version in '07? I haven't heard this. I even emailed Fisher about this a few weeks ago. The rep who replied was mum (said he didn't have the '07 specs in front of him; hmmm...). A 29'er Ferrous would be nice... :thumbsup:
Any up dates on the possibility of a Ferrous 29er?
check out or directly to

hope it becomes available before 07.
Oh my goodness!! Thanks for the link...nice! :thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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