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Haro V4 or specialized P.1 ??

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So im looking at buying either a haro V4, or a specialized P1. Both bikes are used, and both set up for urban style riding, wich is mostly what i do. neither bike is stock anymore, both are set up as single speeds, with a rear disc. and both are the same price. neither has "high end" components per-say, but they are both set-up pretty well.

wich should i go for? Im taking the plunge from 20" BMX bikes into mt. biking, still want to be able to throw down a little at a park, mild trail riding, mostly commuting and playing on the streets though.

Looking for something that will stand up to some decent punishment, and will be worth upgrading.

considered a 24" BMX, but they just seemed like a toy to me. LOL

Sorry i do not have more input on the components of these bikes right now, just looking for general opinions on the 2.

thanks in advance for any help guys.
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Well, i just whent ahead and sent the payment for the haro V4. The P.1 was pretty beat up, and needed work right away. anyway, here are some quick specs on the haro, how does it sound for a beginner urban DJ bike?

Haro V4 frame
Rockshox Judy fork
FSA headset
Answer Pro-Taper bars
Sette lock-on grips
Avid FR-5 lever
Gatorbrake 6 rear
Shimano cranks SS
Shimano/ Rhyno-lite wheels
Rear single speed setup w/ chain guides
Sette bolt-on chain tensioner
Maxxis Holy Roller tires (2.2/2.4)
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