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Hey got a few questions on this.

Converting my haro V1 to a 1X7 . The bike came with sr suntour cranks , they are riveted together so i guess ill need new cranks right?

i removed the front shifter/brake lever and put just a lever on. I am still using the front derailler as a chainguide.

So what type of cranks would fit a haro v-1 - with 1 chainring ? It is on the middle 34t chainring and all works great just wanna upgrade the drivetrain and get a single sprocket up front. I am not sure what these are called ?

The cranks are the part i am not sure about and them lining up right. If anyone can suggest a single ring crankset i would appreciate it . Or is it cheaper to buy a 3 ring crankset and remove 2 of the rings ?

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