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Haro Pivit Pawl Replacement

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I was having some problems with my rear Pivit hub on my Haro Mary SS, and it looks like it was because the pawls were flattening out, and getting ridged so they were catching in the teeth. They were filed down, greased and replaced...but I'd like to replace them because they aren't as smooth as I'd like them to be.

Is there somewhere I can purchase the pawls, and whichever part of the hub is required to replace the teeth as well.

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I saw in another thread that your shop has been in touch with this. Have you heard back from your shop yet? We have a new warranty manager, so there may be some stuff that's getting handled slower than normal while the new guy gets up to speed. Drop me a PM is you need help.
I talked to an greenfish sports and they contacted Haro...they were told there are no replacement parts and they could only warranty a wheel, but not replace a free hub. This was also a used bike purchase and is over 3 years old.
OK, got it. You have to be the original owner of the bike in order to get warranty service. Sometimes our warranty department is willing to sell of excess stock. You might go to your local Haro dealer and have them call us to give you a price on a complete wheel. No promises that they'll have stock they can sell, but it's an option to explore.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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