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Haro Mary XC Comp.

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So I'm looking at getting one of these. After 2 years of not riding I need to start again. None of my local shops have the Marys in stock. Is it safe to compare geomertry between bikes? Like looking at the specs for a 19" Monocog, which fit me like a glove to the specs of the Mary?

Also, seeing as how I gained even more weight while not on the bike, how are the RST M29 for a big 300# fool?

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Comparing geo of bikes you can ride will give you a great idea of what to expect as long as the components are equal also, mainly fork axle to crown since were talking HT. As for the RST, No, your going to want a fork with at least a 15mm axle designed to handle thrust. :thumbsup:
Never had issues with the regular Reba. Most of those 15mm forks are out of my price range except for the Marzocchi 44 TST2 (lists like $300 or so). Then would I have to get a new front wheel to accept 15mm or do they make any type of conversion kits for QR to 15mm.

And yeah, my pal google found the conversion kits.
The mary is high on my list for my next bike. I really wish there was a bike with a build spec between the comp and the expert. The comp would be fine if it had an air fork instead. If they had that and a different rim I would probably have one in my garage already. Maybe I will buy one and sell the fork off it. (would 150$ back be completely unreasonable goal?)
Some times you just need to upgrade a bike to your needs thats life bro :thumbsup:
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