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I recently bought an Orbea Alma M50 (carbon hardtail) and I don't much like it due to it frequently losing traction when I stand up to hammer a hill, which I never had a problem with on my trusty old Niner EMD. When I stand up to crank a tight/steep section I don't want to worry that I'll lose traction and fall over after spinning out, which has happened several times already on this new bike.

My assumption is that due to this bike being more of a "trail" bike wih a slacker geometry it handles differently and requires you to "sit and spin" rather than "stand and crank" as I'm used to riding. Or maybe it's so light (and I'm only 145lbs) that there's not enough weight in the back to hold it down? Anyway I'm an old dog who isn't really interested in learning new tricks (I don't want to always sit down to climb) and I'm considering swapping the frame for another that has more of a traditional geometry to help with the climbing.

Can someone recommend a hardtail frame that's more suited for me, given what I've said above? I'm considering a Niner Air 9 or Ritchey Ultra, maybe there are better options? My fork has 120mm travel.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments/insight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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