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I recently decided to come out of a 26 yr. retirement from BMX racing :) and get back into biking again @ age 42. After some brief research and limited budget I just purchase an '08 Hardrock Sport and I love it! I haven't done much dirt/trail riding yet but I definitely plan on hitting trails, jumps etc. Anyhoo... I don't feel the need to do any major upgrades at this point but I'm thinking maybe a bit wider/higher on the bars would be more my style. I don't want to spend too much money or end up with something inferior to the stock bars but I have no idea of the quality/cost of them either:

STEM Specialized 3D forged alloy, two bolt, 25.4mm, 10 degree rise

HANDLEBARS Alloy 25.4mm, 640mm wide, 38mm rise, 8 degree back, 6 degree up sweep, 3.2mm thick

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive upgrade? Should I also replace the stem?

Is something like this even worth considering?


P.S. How do I measure stem length on the stock stem? end-end? Center-Center?


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All my riding buddies and I recomend Titec Hellbent Gold, strong, light and bent just right 8 deg. back sweep, and 4 deg. up sweep.

Stem length is measured from the center of the steer tube clamp to the center of the handlebar clamp.

The 24.5 mm denotes the dia.of the handlebar clamp.
Good luck!
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