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One for the books!

My Son recently got his 1st job and wanted a quality ride for a reasonable dollar.
Both for recreation and to get his ass to work....can't afford a car just yet!!
15hrs a week don't yield a lotta dinero!

So I started picking threw ebay to see what I could come up with for $150-$200.
I find this listing....... "Mountain Bike" (Some title for selling a quality bike eh?)

Here was the description......
"up for sale is 2004 specialized Mountain bike. good condition , as you can see in the picture the seat has a slight tear in it, it is a gel seat.extra tall handle bars makes for a nice cruiser too."

In fact it was a 2004 HardRock Comp Disc

Scored it for $185 shipped and it's in spectacular condition......even has the original tires with 95% tread. Came with a Speedo/Computer even.

Turns out the extra tall handle bars are a set of 98% mint REDLINE FORKLIFTER Aluminum BMX Cruiser Bars. These sell for $100 on ebay used!!!
(I know I said the same thing....what the hell are those doing on there??)
Well after a stock handlebar swap you can guess what we are gonna do!
Recoup a $100 of what we spent! A 2004 HardRock Comp NRMT for $85??? SWEEEET! :eek: :thumbsup:

There are deals to be had out there!!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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