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For any of you that plan to ride the Happy Jack trails near Laramie, WY (or race the Laramie Enduro 111k), we could use your help. The local Medicine Bow Nordic Association (MBNA) is formulating a plan that they will present to the Forest Service this Spring. The plan as currently posted will widen much of the trail system to 14' and then smooth them (and I mean complete rock removal) so that the ski groomers can groom the trail when there is little snow. The skiers want a longer season and more terrain at the expense of MTBers, runners, etc who want at least some challenges. I don't know about you, but if I wanted a smooth, wide trail I'd go ride a road...

Here is the plan:
Including: "1. All groomed trails will be cut to 14' wide, as skied, to allow enough width for a skate lane and classic track. The summer surface of the groomed trails will also be smoothed out as much as possible. Justification - Width: A nice trail width is 13'. This allows for a 6" buffer between the groomer and trees. In places where we have this width we have found that the grooming is much cheaper. It is possible to groom faster because no weaving in and out of the trees is needed and our equipment lasts longer because it is not constantly hitting trees. Smoothing: This allows us to groom with less snow on the ground, so our season is longer (or in some years exists at all). It also reduces damage to the grooming equipment caused by hitting barely covered obstructions."

Also... I resent being told that ONLY skiers can be on them in the winter. Not too many steps away from having MTBers excluded from some trails in the summer.

April 24th is when the MBNA will reformulate the plan based on input.
So please input away...
Please contact: Via e-mail at [email protected] (or PO Box 2251, Laramie, WY 82073).

Just gets me so agitated! :mad:
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