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It started off fine. Doing a little ride out at Bootleg this morning and heard the dreaded "snap, crackle and crunch" that we never want to hear coming from the bike. I looked back to see a pulley lying there in trail and thought to myself crap!
1. Enjoying the trail...:D
2. That's not supposed to be down there...:confused:
3. I've always wanted a full suspension single speed...:madman:
4. oh well....:rolleyes:

I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come for 2008....otherwise it's going to be expensive!!

Happy New Year everyone....let's get out and ride :thumbsup:


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Dude, you and that drive train had better come to some sort of an agreement. I can't wait to get back out there and ride.
Florida stinks.
It cooled down to low-70s today and rained just enough to make my walk on the beach full-body-wet. F-U-L-L-B-O_D-Y-W-E-T! OOOOOOOOHHHH!
"Lord, I apologize for thattherun.":nono:
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