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Today, a group of DOD riders found snow free singletrack to soothe our aching souls.
It was well needed relief from the winter wonderland we've had recently. :thumbsup:
It was wet and it was cold, but it was glorious riding. :yesnod:
Twists and turns, roots and berms, brush and rocks, ferns and forest.:cornut:

None of which was captured on camera. :D
We had to much fun riding, and falling into creeks. :p

I did snap some photos while hanging out at Stoney Point.
Here ya go.


Out spokin'
In cog? Neato!
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That will teach me to leave exposed flesh while riding North Shore Trail. I got poison oak on my legs... again. Just about every time I ride NS I tell myself "never again."

Never again.

What am I saying? I'll do it again.

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