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My old bike had a Truvativ T30 10S (10 deg. bend) 700 mm flatbar, which I really liked.

My new bike has a FSA K-Force Light 700 mm flatbar. The bend is 9 deg.

I've noticed that there are a lot of lighter bars that have 6 degrees of bend (Schmolke, Mcfk).

The amount of bend influences the overall reach of the bike. By how much? Let's see. If we assume both handlebars are 700 mm wide:
r_fsa = tan(9 deg)*700/2 = 55 mm
r_truvativ = tan(10 deg)*700/2 = 62 mm

The difference is 7 mm, almost corresponding to going up one size in stem length.

I prefer the Truvativ bars. Does anyone know of other reasonably light handlebars with 10 degrees of bend, like the Truvativ T30 10S?
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