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Hi all,

I am in the market for an handlebar light.
I am not in for a chinese light, but rather a quality one (exposure, lupin, etc.).

My question is - What is enough lumens in your opinion?

I previously used a friends Six-Pack and was not that excited on how the light was distributed. The effect was amazing...

I have a diablo for the helmet. and I am happy with it.

On one hand I am doing "short" rides of 3 hours, and twice a year an all night competition. I go practice really early in the morning before the sun comes out so I need it for that time as well.

I would be happy to hear your opinion.


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I started with the Lupine Wilma (1100L) on the bars and that's it. It was fine for riding paved trails I do in the morning before work. Then I started riding singletrack at night and needed a helmet light so I stuck with Lupine and went with the Piko 3 (550L) for the helmet. Last fall I went out and purchased the Lupine Betty 7 (1850L) for the bars and run the Piko on the helmet for morning rides. I switch the Piko out to the Wilma when doing technical singletrack riding, which makes it pretty much daylight. I will be upgrading my Betty from 1850L to 2300L in November when it becomes available. So in a nutshell you can never have too many Lumens. It's a sickness.:thumbsup:

here's a link from last season with some good info.

Rule the Night,

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usually the batteries add up, in terms of weight and money,...
with the system also availability,...
in general, ONE car headlight, (old, not hid), that be about 1700 lumen,
so ~1500 on handlebar and 500 on helmet is a good enough.
1850 on handlebar and 750 on helmet is groovy .
for the top of the line,..on mtb lights, a betty or a niterider 3000,
plus an helmet light. reliability wise and for the 12 cell battery, Lupine get my thumbs up.
for me my brick light is enough, same size, same weight,
and another brick for the battery pack.
max at 4300 lumen, but set it at 3300 on high and 2400 low
most of the time on low with helmet light is just fine.

for the neat freaks, a baya dual, military tough, plus a cute Piko , with some extra spares in the batteries should do.
cheers, Rob
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