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HammerSchmidt on V10

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My buddy has a older V10. He pedals the bike uphill. He wants to try a HammerSchmidt.

Will a HammerSchmidt fit on a V10?

What is the verdict on the HS? Are they good to go?
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I'm gonna guess the V10 was designed around a 36-38T chainring so the suspension may be too active with a 22-24T HS.

One way to test it is throw some cranks with a 24T granny gear on it and pedal it up a hill to see how it works. I know the V10 doesn't work with a front Der, but you can shift manually when you go from climbing to DH for the few rides it takes to test.

Or he could spend the 800 and be a guinea pig...:D
I was thinking about this combo as well, but have not yet tried it. Seems like a great way to make DH frames such as the V10 and DHR into bikes you can to some degree, pedal up.
I have also considered doing this. I was discouraged by the bike shops thoughts about it though. So I think you should go for it and let us know how it works out - hey its only money!
1st and 2nd gen V10s didn't have ISCG tabs, so no go.
Even on a 3rd gen V10 I bet it pedals badly.
I will have pictures in a week. My buddy found a screaming deal on the HS.
The HS is on the V10. Test riding this week!!
My buddy loves the HS on his V10. It lasted Silver Star, Whistler, and the Shore.

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Hey quick question. I was thinking of the HS on the 2010 V10, and was wondering how much monkeying around your buddy had to do to get it to fit on his V10?
$525 installed at the LBS. They said it was easy and went right on after they faced the ISCG tabs.
Does he not get alot of pedal feed back from the hammerschmidt?
There is a litle pedal kick back, but the VPP design helps a lot. I have one on my 951 and love it. It sure helps being able to ride rather than push. He said its no worse than it was with a 36T ring.
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