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Hammerschmidt Mud Claw?

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Anyone using one of their HS? Thx!
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This piece:

States that it helps keep debris out of the assembly and is different than the chainring guide block. My HS did not include this part in the box. Just curious?
I can see the use for that - if I've been out in really claggy conditions debris builds up under the chain and around the chainrings in my HammerSchmidt. The chain packs it all down and it has nowhere to go because it sits in a groove, this device would clear that groove out. from the description it must bolt underneath somewhere but I've not noticed any holes for the bolts (or looked for any).

FWIW - at the end of a muddy ride I clear the compacted crap out with a screwdriver or allen key... not sure i would bother with something like this... but I've not ridden through a winter with my HS yet.

If they really want to sell any of these they should put up a picture of it working so we can see where it goes and what it does.
I went to check the Sram spare parts catalog (2010) and mud claw is not listed or pictured, also nothing under vendor part number 00.6315.005.000.
The only hint on how it's used is from : Bolts to the lower section of HammerSchmidt crank-guard/ring to help prevent mud/debris collection around the chainring.


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I looked at the bottom of my HS and there are a bunch of threaded holes so i can see where this would bolt onto... if it exists ;)
I'd order one if there would be resonable postage and not 18 EUR for 4.5 EUR piece of plastic! :madmax:
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