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Hammerschmidt AM or FR?

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I'm sure this has been covered, but I searched for a bit and didn't find what I wanted...

So, I'm considering a Hammerschmidt setup for a bike that is either very heavy duty trailbike or somewhat light-duty freeride bike. Do I go with the AM or FR version?

More specifically, what are the actual differences? I can see that the bottom bracket is noticeably heavier on the FR, so I assume it has a heavier spindle and/or more rows of bearings. But what about the arms and the mechanism????

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Go with the AM...

The AM has:
  • Narrower Q-Factor
  • Lighter Guard
  • M15 BB spindle vs. the beefy M12 on the FR
  • AM and FR arms are almost identical
  • AM and FR BB bearings are identical
The HS internals are the same too...

Seriously man, the HS AM is a burly crank. It's enough crank for anything other that this biggest hucks...
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