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Hammer Endurolytes

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Those of you who use the Hammer/e-caps products, do you use the Endurolytes? Wondering if it's worth the money and if there's a less expensive alternative.
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I have used extensively, powder and the pill version. worth the money IMO, I haven't even bothered shopping around. Of all the things I spend money on that particular product is such a small subset, I don't even pay attention. At a typical XC race I drop $25-40 on entry, $5 on gas, $5 on food, and tops $2 worth of endurolytes, so in the big scheme I don't worry about it. works well with other Hammer products.

They Work!

I use the Endurolyte pills religiously during my 12 and 24 hour races. I follow the bottle directions which is 1 pill per hour or more if it's super hot. Out of all the products Hammer/E-cap produces this is one of my most recommended. One bottle will last me about 3-4 endurance races. For XC racing you might be able to make a whole bottle last. If you have any other questions either re-post or e-mail me.

The picture below is me throwing down a few Endurolyte pills during my 10 second between-lap-refueling during 12 Hour National



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hammer e-cap

you are right on !!!! i just used e-caps for the 101 wilderness race 100 mile race and they work fine and i am no little rider 195 lb.i recommend 2 per hour for bigger riders !!!!
Less expensive alternative...

NutriBotics Essential Electrolytes. Pretty much the same stuff and only $6 retail per bottle at Whole Foods.
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