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I am bored and having a serious problem thinking about winter riding after overheating in a longsleeve shirt and jeans walking in the rain to town. I posted this on the frigid bits post but thought it deserves a post of its own.

Remembering Coldfoot brings back foggy eyes and halucinations from twice driving 15 hrs back to Anchorage after finishing the race. The logistics are tough but if we had enough folks to pay the expense of transportation and two overnights(one before and one after) at the truckstop we (AKUSPORT) would be happy to give it a try next Halloween. All bikes no foot folks it just makes support logistics too tough. No sag wagons just a sweeper van to pick up the dead. It was a really cool ride in more ways than one last time I did it. Zipping down the Chandalar shelf on rutted ice with no studs no brakes----- picturing body parts flying through the guard rail on the curve at the bottom------what a kick in the pants. Picking up an old issue of Coast the other day with a story about the race brought back fond memories. Anyone interested???
Bill M

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Heck yeah

Count me in too.

Funny how active this board becomes when the weather is bad. I'm growing whiskers from all the hamster time I'm putting in, riding a trainer and watching endless hours of American Chopper DVDs, sometimes I open a window so it sorta feels like being outside but then the rain comes in... the more time I spend on that thing the more I'm developing a taste for cheese and I have a strange desire to bed down on a floor nest of wood chips...

Anyway count me in for cold foot I'd be willing to help with logistics as long as it won't prevent me from racing, I've got a "brand new" 20 year old van for a car pool to the start,

... sigh, I gotta go now and ride my bike to no-where.

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