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contains quinine
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Steve71 said:
Thanks!!! Now I'm never going to get Mrs. 71 to ride there again :eek:
My wife was hiking the hiker trails (which she highly recommends) and was late getting to the car, which was strange because I had flatted on my second loop and was running late myself. So, after spinning through the lot, I headed back up to maximize my riding time, and came upon a Mike who was staring into a bush from the far side of his bike. My "Everything ok?" turned into a conversation as we checked out the little guy. He saw it on the trail, and watched it slither away.

That little voice in my head that was wondering "why is my wife late? she's never late?" was just starting when I saw her descending on the hiker trail. Her eyes got pretty big when I told her about it - I'm sure she'll be on the lookout from now on.
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