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They've made it real easy to donate to the Haitian relief effort where you should feel relatively comfortable that your money will go to the people who need it:

The Haitian peoples plight is being felt around the world, and the world is responding.
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im not even gonna say anything
Or, if you're not into donating through politicians or religions or questionable celebrity charities,

Richard Dawkins is paying everyones money transfer fees on donations to Red Cross & Doctors Without Borders, for a straight 100% donation, w/no overhead.

Admittedly thin Passion tie-in: with enough passion for reconstructing a better Haiti, perhaps we'll have some nice trails there someday?
While we are at it,

snopes has a good list of which donation things are valid or not, including texting donations, UPS shipping for free etc.

For Facebook uses, the "paste this update into your status and Facebook will donate $1" is a total hoax:
Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

(Nobody else)
SteveUK said:
Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

(Nobody else)
agreed, if you want to donate do so to the above. Money is the best, they have a text number you can call (its on the red crosses website) and it gets billed to your cell phone 10 bucks, cant be easier no credit cards etc. You can be sure your money is going to a reputable organization.

insanitylevel9 said:
im not even gonna say anything
It's weird how a major city in Haiti gets an earthquake. I suggest they stop their voodoo magical mumbo jumbo.

It's not healthy. :nono:
just peace to all those suffering, hopeless, and heartbroke civilian & soldier.
Just donated big, thx for the link.

Regarding stupid, I would love to see the rationale behind why it's important to help ourselves before helping others.
As a former Red Cross Director I must point out that if you want your donation to actually support the Haiti Relief efforts YOU MUST stipulate that - if not the donation will go into the either the International Response Fund, or the general Disaster Relief Fund.

The Red Cross fund for this is called: Haiti Relief and Development. Choose this option on the donation form found here:

not meant 2 B political

mr. owl, i completely understand. i would guess you don't really care for either one of those two douche bags any more than i do, so were good there.

however, the two of them together pack some serious crediblity in this situation, so i feel, as do alot of others, pretty good my $$ will get to Haiti in some helpful capacity.

there are many other credible relief entities who are also accepting donations, as pointed out by earlier posts.

they're all good.
I'd like to gently suggest that folks keep compassion foremost on the radar. If some horrible disaster befell YOUR neighborhood, city, region and you were without the basics, you might welcome assistance where ever it comes from. And don't think it can't happen here: we've already had a nasty hurricane, and there are earthquakes and volcanos that could go any time.
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