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high school loser
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gtbikesalltheway said:
Anotherkid who jumps without a helmet

go to the #5 video called Container Jump

these kids have to learn how to jump off of smaller jumps before they try something this big
why would even try somthing like that.

the target bike basher
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Ok, ill break it down for you...
1- goes off, looking good
2-releases hands
3-suicide no hander! futre kyle strait...
4-gets a little cocky
6-feels the pain
7-randomley starts beating off, must be a BMX thing
8-does a dirty pose for the cameraman.


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konabiker said:
That can't be real.
there was a post here bout that a while ago, it was made clear that it was edited cuz some1 played it really slow
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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