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hello all!

i have a pair of wheels that was using a hadley quick release front axel

took them off and noticed that it appeared to be an adapter to quick release, using two wrenches, i pulled out the adapter, pictured here:

out of curiosity, i then went to slide a 20mm through-axel through the hub, and it fit like a glove. However, when mounted onto a 20mm through axel fork (09 talas), there was not enough width to keep it in place, ie, it seemed as though it needed cups to keep it centered on the axel (not unlike i have seen azonic wheels come with)

my question is this: am i correct in assuming i can now mount this wheel on a 20mm axel? and where can i get the product to center the wheel on the axel?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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