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Hadley 9 mm thru bolt weight?

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I am switching the I-9 front hub on my Mojo SL to a 9 mm thru bolt to try and gain a little more front end stiffness and was wondering if anyone here knows the weight of the Hadley 9 mm thru bolt. I see published weight for the DT RWS 9 mm thru bolt of 49 gms. I will take a little weight penalty here to gain a little more control (right now I am running a Control Tech Race titanium bolt on QR).
Thanks in advance.
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Couldn't find the weight for the 9mm, but if you compare their 10mm with the RWS 10mm it comes out a bit lighter so I would assume that the 9mm would be the lighter option, but I personally like the RWS system.
Hadley 9 mm through bolt weight confirmed

I just received a Hadley 9 mm through bolt to use on my I-9 front wheel. This thing is pretty nice, 6 mm allen bolt-on (I already have a ti 6 mm allen in my lightweight tool kit) and only weighs 32 gms. Looks like going to the 9 mm through bolt setup is only going to add a couple of gms. over my Control Tech Race bolt on skewer set up.
Are you running I9 ultra lites or the enduro wheels? I'v read conflicting reports that the ultra lite hubs cannot be changed to other standard ie 9,10,15 mm. I have a set of the ultras and was wondering about adding a bit of stiffness myself.
I-9 hubs

My understanding is that the only difference between the "ultralight" and "xc" hubs, is that the ultralights use the aluminum end caps. I had the older version of the ultralight hub (allen screw on end caps) and had to replace the axle and the endcaps to convert it to a 9 mm through axle.
If you have any questions, I would suggest calling I-9 direct, they have been very helpful with me making sure I get the right parts.
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