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Hey guys,

Two times now my GX Eagle chain has fallen off the upper jockey wheel when I am shifting up into the 50t cog. It's the strangest thing and I have no idea why it is doing it. Basically, I am peadling in the 46t cog, I go to shift into the 50t cog and I hear a huge crunch and a pop and basically cant even turn the pedals. I look down and the chain is off of the upper jockey wheel, the upper jockey wheel is making contact with the cassette and I have to shift down 5 or 6 cogs, give the pedals a light spin, and everything lines back up.

This has only happened two times now but both times I have smacked my knee into my handlebar. A few weeks ago I had some issues with the derailleur skipping and banging when pedaling on a fast descent and I suspect now that it may be related.

My b limit, high limit, low limit, and cable tension are all perfect. RD hanger is straight and the RD cage looks fine although it does have a few scrapes from rocks.

Any ideas? I love the range I get from the Eagle drivetrain but these things just seem finnicky.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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