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Guess which frame I ended up with...

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After all the discussion, I was set on either the Ionic Steelhead or KHS Team ST. The Steelhead was 7-10 weeks out so it ended up being a no-brainer. I ordered a 2004 KHS Team ST for $500 free shipping (Softtail with that little bushing/shock at the back- still considered a Hardtail).

I also ordered a seat - WTB Lazer Stealth Ti - $60
To go with that seat - Thomson Elite Seatpost $70 (I think 400 length, not the 330)

Now I'm already thinking about a second bike but that will wait till this winter when I see some awesome closeouts on bikes/frames. Steel and Titanium are my choices again :D

Also found out that Sprint PCS has essentially "sold" me to IBM so I'll be an IBM employee now- not sure how that will go- I'm quite a rebel and Sprint puts up with me because I'm a good project manager (or I've convinced them of that anyway- I probably suck but that's irrelevant).

I should have everything next week.

Oh, I also am trying to go back to clipless- I bought a set of Speedplay Frogs and put them on my roadbike to see what happens. If/when I get really comfortable with them, I'll get another pair for my mountain bike. Till them, I have the toeclips I'm comfy with.
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Where did you find the WTB Laser V Stealth Ti for only $60? the best I could find was $75.


Well, I always get on the phone and negotiate when I order multiple items from anywhere- I even haggle with the pizza guys and car salesmen have my mug up on their walls- they truly dislike me walking in with my friends who want to buy vehicles. :D

So when I ordered a few items from 123bikes, I did the same thing and got that price. I will admit that I did not think they would do it unless I got my other items from them as well.

I believe the seatpost was $60, not $70- same place.
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