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I am a map nerd. I get maps of areas and go exploring with my imagination on the curves of the topo and the dashes of trail lines. I first saw this ride quite a while ago doing just that and imagining what a great loop it would be. The ride: Up and over Guanella Pass from Georgetown in the Jeep to the Burning Bear CG on the other side. Bike back up Guanella Pass Rd to the top, then hit South Park Trail, Red Cone Jeep Rd, and Burning Bear Trail to make a loop. My dreams were further fueled by mtbr friends with reports of awesomeness. I finally had a day to do it. Today. It worked out well as I've got a bunch going on that required some solitude and some thinking time.

Solo mission to South Park, here I come!

I've gotta say, this ride completely blew away all of my expectations from start to finish. Starting with the beginning of the ride - As it turns out, the road on the south side of the pass is under construction so there's no where to park legally. That meant parking back up closer to the summit where they weren't working. Unfortunately, that'd been a long road climb out at the end of the ride. Oh well.

Up the road to the mountain center in the far distance. Start time 9:15am

Nature Mountainous landforms Road Highland Natural landscape

Guanella Pass at 9:51am - not bad, only about 1/2 hour of climbing. At least I was warmed up. Quick bathroom stop and I was on my way. Skies were clear-ish and I was feeling good.

Down South Park trail just a bit. The views do not dissapoint.

Mountainous landforms Mountain range Highland Bicycle Bicycle accessory

Long climbs
Vegetation Nature Grass Natural environment Atmosphere

This is where things started to feel more like a real adventure. See the trail? Me neither. Cairn hunting was the rule for the next coupe of miles. The cairns would lead up and over the ridge in the foreground.
Nature Mountainous landforms Natural environment Natural landscape Highland

Up and over the ridge and this was the descent. See the cairn? It was like freestyling it straight down a ski slope. It was sooo steep that I could hear my spokes pinging as the wheel flexed under braking and cornering.

Mountainous landforms Highland Hill Landscape Mountain range

Once into the trees, the steep pitch didn't let up but the trail got more interesting. Rooty and fast. Loved this part.
Nature Vegetation Natural environment Natural landscape Water resources

Once at the bottom, you hit a road and get to cross Geneva Creek. The crossing wasn't too bad. It was the first of many times my shoes would get totally soaked.

The climb out of the Geneva drainage and up Kirby Gulch was tough involved hiking. Loose rocks, steep trail and deadfall. Adventure. #itsnotmountainbikingunlessyourehiking. right?

Nature Natural environment Bicycle handlebar Plant community Bicycle

Up to right around timberline again. The trail was super faint. See it?

Nature Mountainous landforms Natural environment Bicycle handlebar Bicycle

This was climbing up Bruno Gulch. I really loved this part. It was like Cerain St Vrain on steroids.
Natural environment Plant community Bicycle Tree Bicycle handlebar

Up to timberline again. This was right about at the end of South Park Trail where it climbs up to Red Cone jeep road. This is looking back where I had come up from.
Nature Vegetation Natural environment Plant Natural landscape

And this was the view ahead. Red Cone was just out of sight on the horizon! 1:52pm
Nature Vegetation Grass Natural environment Natural landscape

Red Cone - what a descent! Super steep and extra chunky. Kinda was wanting full suspension for that one! I was already tired from bouncing around on the rocks.
Plant community Soil Highland Forest Mountain

Spent a few miles riding down the road.
Nature Bicycle handlebar Bicycle part Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle accessory

Finally! Last trail of the day. Burning Bear, #601
Vegetation Branch Plant community Nature reserve Biome

Burning Bear was really nice. It was intermittently rideable and hike a bike but probably more rideable in its entirety than anything else I'd been on. Felt good to pedal but my legs were getting tired.
Vegetation Nature Natural landscape Grass Natural environment

Burning Bear trail is worth hitting in and of itself. I really liked.
Vegetation Nature Natural environment Bicycle accessory Bicycle

Thennnnn, I was not liking it so much. By now, the rain was pouring and thunder and lightning were directly overhead. This part of the trail was a long and wet hike.
Nature Natural environment Bicycle handlebar Bicycle Plant community

Finally up and over the top of Burning Bear and ready to enjoy my final descent of the day. Despite the fact that I was chilly and soaked to the bone, my stoke level was high. Fortunately, almost all of the Burning Bear descent looked like this. Or chunkier with more roots. Burning Bear back to Guanella Pass Road reminded me a LOT of Lion Gulch (which I miss dearly!).
Vegetation Natural environment Plant community Soil Trail

Even though I'd been riding all day at or above timberline, this was one of my favorite views of the day. It was at the very end of Burning Bear and the mist and rain and clouds all came together for a memorable shot. 3:45pm? My memory is as fuzzy on that as the clouds were.
Nature Natural environment Mountainous landforms Natural landscape Plant community

Now the not so fun part. I had to ride back up Guanella Pass to the top to get the Jeep! That turned into a slog. By that time, it was raining pretty hard and still crashing thunder and lightning. The road was soft and slow but it felt good to pedal and spin. It was a welcome change to the grinding and hike a bike from most of the singletrack of the day.
Nature Road Natural environment Natural landscape Infrastructure

Parting shot. Made it. 4:29pm. The ride was about 7 hrs 15min door to door - about 6 hours of that was ride time. Total stats were just shy of 7000' climbing and 31.1 miles.
Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle frame

South Park did not dissapoint! I will absolutely be back.

Here's Strava deets:

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Awesome!!! I used to do the exact same thing all the time. Grab a map, look for anything that could connect, go out, get lost, get found and be completely spent and love it. I think you have just inspired me to get off my lazy azz and pick up a map again.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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I clicked on this thread expecting to see a burning bear but I was pleasantly sir are awsome

So how much of that trip was single track and how much of it was good old hike a bike?

lots of hike a bike. Um... But mostly hiking on singletrack :) #itsnotmountainbikingunlessyourehiking

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It was so much awesome it was almost unbearable ;) As far as GPS, I put it up on Strava. That's about all I'm technologically gifted enough to do.

It's all on the Lat 40 Summit map as well as the Lat 40 Front Range map. Route finding was not an issue - everything was relatively easy to find.

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and this is why, when seeing advice from people on mtbr, you need to know who is giving and who is receiving. 7000' and 31 miles would hurt me on good trail. I am sure I would still be somewhere out in the woods if I attempted this one. Well done!

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Guanella Pass Rd has a ton of construction (they are paving the road) and the Burning Bear trailhead is technically closed. You can't park anywhere on the road. Unless you're prepared to ride this as a loop, it would be a pain. They are running a pilot car guide cars thru the construction. You'd be waiting a long time.
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