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Is the bike OK?
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I took my wife down Guaje Ridge today for her first time ever. We rode our SX Trails so the techy stuff would be a lot easier and she loved the ride! I put SPD pedals on my bike and forgot I had Crank Bro.s clips on my shoes :madman: but the clips held in OK on the descents and only made for difficult climbing. It was a casual cruise on a beautiful day so I took a lot of pictures. The trail was in excellent condition :thumbsup: with only four down trees in one small area near the end of the trail. I heard there were locust thorn bushes so we took armor but we ended up only needing the knee armor because they weren't very high yet. Hope you enjoy the pics:

Son Ben took us up to the ski hill in his (tecnically my) new truck. I just noticed his Silverton shirt he was wearing matches the stickers we just put on the back windows:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Canada Bonita:
Vegetation Nature Natural environment Plant Natural landscape

Kristin on first descent:
Natural environment Plant Wood Forest Old-growth forest

Kristin on Pipeline climb (neither one of us made it on the pig bikes):
Clothing Wheel Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Bicycle frame

View of Pajarito Ski Area:
Vegetation Nature Grass Natural environment Mountainous landforms

Kristin on Pipeline (lots of Aspens!):
Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Helmet Plant community

View of Guaje Canyon:
Vegetation Nature Natural environment Plant community Highland

Kristin in the trees:
Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Natural environment Mountain bike Mountain biking

Me on a small climb:
Vegetation Natural environment Plant community Forest Wilderness

Los Alamos Townsite View:
Vegetation Mountainous landforms Highland Plant community Hill

Is the bike OK?
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More Pictures

This Hawk hung out with us all the way down:
Sky Mountainous landforms Bird Cloud Highland

Wheel Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Helmet

My SX Trail at Mitchel Trail Head:
Bicycle tire Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim

Plant community Trail Soil Adventure Fell

First of the four down trees in one small area:
Wood Nature reserve Trunk Forest Driftwood

Kristin between old cut tree:
Plant community Soil Trail Dirt road Off-roading

Cactus on Cabra Trail:
Adaptation Botany Terrestrial plant Thorns, spines, and prickles Cactus

Kristin on Upper Cabra:
Bicycle wheel Soil Plant community Bicycle frame Mountain bike

Kristin on Mid Cabra:
Bicycle frame Bicycle clothing Plant community Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Helmet

Kristin on Lower Cabra Rock Garden:
Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame Mountain bike

Is the bike OK?
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RichardinLA said:
I always take three bears out, adding cabra down to rendija and having to climb out is a bit much. You guys are animals!
When you get to the end of Guaje and Cabra's right there, it's hard to pass it up :D ! That and you probably climb Quemazon/Pipeline to start it off instead of cheating from the ski hill like we did ;)
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