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GT Tequesta

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Any info on this bike would would be great. It says Triple GT Triangle, All GT Terra, and the frt susp. says Easton Manhou. Its a little small for me and I REALLY thought about selling it and getting something newer and bigger.


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What info are you looking for? It's an early/mid 90's steel Tequesta with an add on fork.
I'd keep it. But i'm a sucker for a vintage GT!

Looks like '93 or '94, but i'm leaning towards '93.

Did you buy it as is or pick it up cheap somewhere?

Those forks are classics! Manitou Three's weren't out very long before they were replaced by the Manitou Four. Two's and Three's are quite rare nowdays.

Also thats a very nice XTR crank in great condition. That particular model was notorious for the "XTR" logo wearing off your looks almost perfect.

If it's too small i'd deffinately wanna get something newer, but hang on to this beauty.

I recently found a very similiar bike, same paint job, same fork, but all STX components. Going by BikePedia I think mine (and yours) might be a '94.

I'm a little surprised we have the same fork on the same bike. I thought the fork on mine was an after-market change.

Yes that block decal style with the squirrely lines in the letters is 1994.
I have the same bike, 93 Tequesta. Also the 96 Avalanche LE. I'd hold on to's great for a quick romp around the park...
Love that pic. I have a Tequesta with the rigid fork, STX, probably a '93. I'd keep it. Iike having a steel bike to romp around on. I also have a 96 Avalanche LE.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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