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Posted this in VRC but thought I should also post it here.

Here's a few pics of my recently built Lobo. Sourced an unused frame and it then took me months to source the parts. Labour of love for one of my dream bikes BITD. Yep I know they're prone to breaking and there's far better modern builds out there BUT building this has taken me back 10 years to when I had no wrinkles or grey hair :)

Here's the finished spec and a few pics

Frame: 1998 GT STS Lobo DH, Bonded Carbon fibre thermoplastic/aluminum
Fork: Marzocchi Monster T
Rear Shock: Rock Shox Coupe Deluxe Yank, 6.5" travel
Headset: Hope Industries Anodised Red with Head Doctor
Stem: Azonic Equalizer
Handlebar: FSA Carbon Pro Low Riser
Grips: Toxsin Lock-on
Brakes: Hope Enduro 4
Brake Pads: OEM Hope Sintered
Brake Cables: Hope Hose Black
Brake Discs: Hope 203mm Rear, 160mm Front
Disc Adapter: Therapy Components?????? (not sure as it came with frame)
Brake Levers: Hope Enduro 4
Frame Hose Guides: Hope Silver
Shifters: Shimano XTR M952 9 Speed Rear
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR M960
Cabling: Shimano XT
Cassette: Shimano XT M770 9 Speed
Chain: Shimano HG73 9 Speed
Cranks: Adventure Components AC 7075-T6 175mm
Crank Bolts: Brand-X M8 Self Extracting Anodised Red
Chainrings: Adventure Components AC Holeshot 42T 110 BCD
Chain Guide: Adventure Components AC Pro Guide
Chainring Bolts: Brand-X 7075 Alloy Red
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN73 73mm x 122mm
Pedals: Shimano M424 SPD/Platform
Saddle: WTB Speed V
Seatpost: USE Sumo 31.6 x 300mm
Seatpost Binder: X-Lite Red
Hub Skewers: XT Rear, 20mm Marzocchi Bolt Through Front
Rear Rim Brake Mount Blanks: X-Lite Red
Wheelset: Mavic 321 Disc on Hope Hubs
Tyres: Maxxis Ignitor 2.1 Front, 2.3 Rear

Although the frame was mint the existing decals had gone brittle with age and had started to flake. Had a new set reproduced which are pretty damn good copies, not perfect but good enough. The frame had to be 'tweeked' for the rear hose guides. The existing cable guides were given the Dremel treatement and a set of Hope Hose guides fitted. Got a few little jobs to do. Extend front Brake Hose, fit rear cabling, fit chain and setup chainguide.

Slight problem though. Far too nice and mint to ride in all this winter mud and snow :nono: so it'll be kept for the Spring Sunshine :)
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Dude that thing is sick....very nice how an older bike doesnt look so old and outdated!!
so dope!

Just needs a big fat front tire (and a chain) and you'll have the sickist old school ride in town!
Brings back memories.

Except the XC tires on a dh bike. :(
2.3 is pretty much the max on the rear. Chainstays are very very tight.
wow.....that is beautiful....belongs in a museaum looks sweet
That is a sick old school bike, if it was mine I wouldn't ride it. But if you're going to, enjoy it.
why 203 rear and 160 front for your brakes?

And which direction does the rear spring travel? no getting hung up on your seatposts right?
Topgun514 said:
why 203 rear and 160 front for your brakes?

And which direction does the rear spring travel? no getting hung up on your seatposts right?
Old frame, rear wont take a larger disc as it would simply eat into the rear stays. 203mm at the front cause I'd like it to stop!!

The rear shock is termed a 'pull shock', it actually pulls the rear linkage up when compressed. Basically another flawed design by todays standards but when these arrived on the scene BITD they were like OMFG I want one. Cost around $4K out of the box though and thats without race upgrades. Problem was the linkages were very prone to breaking and the bonding could sometimes come unstuck causing problems around the headtube.

I built this up as a 'retro' passion just for myself. No intention of pushing this beauty down any Black graded slopes. Thought I'd share with some of the younger members (Oh god I'm getting old!!) how these bikes used to look and just imagine the WOW factor these had in the LBS 12 years ago
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very sick build, thanks for sharing!
Wow - beyond awesome - almost got the same feeling as I did the first time I saw those things - still look like a work of art :)
nice...i like seeing some of the old vintage stuff coming back to life. looks very clean as well. have fun.
awesome bike! Brings back memories for me.

All you need is a old school boxxer and some old Michilen DH tires.
Sweet! Need Gazaloddis for that real old-school vibe though.
WOW, I serioulsy think that a lot of bike in that era look better than bikes now, not sure why, but I just do.

Very nice job. I would ride it.
Thanks for the comments guys. Only just got this bike up to this stage of the build. Been working on it since August this year. Also sourced a lot of spare parts for the future including a full bearing and bush set and 2 NOS Shocks. Hint for any other Lobo owners - grab what you can NOW!

Yep I totally agree with the look of older bikes compared with modern hydroformed frames. Lots of nice CNC work and polished to a mirror finish. I will ride it, not too seriously though, more of a keeper as a work of art and historical importance.

The tyres (spelt with a Y as I'm a Brit) seem to be causing some concern. The rear is pretty mush already max'd out at 2.3, the chainstays are very tight on the rubber. It's simply not worth causing damage by risking a 2.5. I think the bike came originally with 2.2 Michelins. The front tyre does look a bit flimsy on the forks but with the Monster's I think anything would.

Some on other Forums are saying that perhaps it should be setup with Boxxer 151's but these Forks are the the first Monster T's produced in 1998 so perfect for the age of the frame. OK they are heavy but are simply way ahead of the competition in build quality and IMHO looks. Match made in Heaven (or Hell!).

May not be too good around corners but with these baby's coners don't exist you just go straight
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That bike is t!ts.
I have a soft spot for older frames.
My current ride is a '00-'01 Armageddon with a Stratos S8.
But boy, seeing yours...I need another Monster T.

Oh yeah, I used to lust after that same frame. In one of the Down vids, there was a guy ripping on one of those with a Boxxer, just absolutely flying. Then I saw the carbon - sold. Have fun with that!
im a sucker for the retro bike look, and well this is the holy mother of all retro awesomeness!
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