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Normally, I would try to go out and test ride a bike before buying. What I'm finding, is its hard to find a SS in stock to test. I can get a good discount through work on a GT, so am considering a GT Ruckus SS. However, there aren't a whole lotta reviews or posts on this board about the Ruckus. The Redline Monocog gets excellent reviews and is about $200 less than the Ruckus when comparing MSRP.

On paper, the Ruckus has more bells and whistles - mech disc brakes (although tektro) and Rockshock J3 which probably account for the higher MSRP. But, which is the better bike in the long run? The GT has EBB while the monocog has a chain tensioner. I haven't been able to find anything out about weight. Anyone know how heavy the stock build is on either bike?

I'm open to other suggestions for entry-level SS's as well. I am following the post comparing the KHS Solo One, IRO Mia and Redline Monocog. I had never heard of the IRO - it intrigues me, but again there are no dealers who carry it or any reviews.

Any feedback, especially on those who have ridden the Ruckus would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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