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GT Marathon Carbon Team

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Could the owners of this bike post some comments about it, my brother in law is interested in buying the 09 Marathon Team edition but there is not a lot of rider input on the bike or maybe I am just not looking in the right place? .. Any help is greatly appreciated. We do all trail riding and some races during the season..

Some other bikes of interest.. How would the GT stack up against them?

Trek Top Fuel 9.8
Ibis Mojo
Mongoose Canaan
Pivot Mach 4
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I have the GT Marathon Carbon Expert, which I know doesn't have the better components of the Team bike. I don't have an unlimited budget and got a killer deal on it. I've ridden the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 during a demo day and I still prefer the GT. On climbs and technical sections the GT feels more planted and solid. The rear end never skips a beat when going over rocky terrain or wood planks. The Top Fuel feels a bit lighter, but again I don't have the upscale components of the Team so that could just be me. I unfortunately don't have the luxury of testing the others you have in the list, but maybe others can chime in.
I think the iDrive provides a really solid XC platform and climbs well--might offset a lighter bike a bit. Components being equal, price wise, the GTs tend to be a little more favorable than the competition.

From your avatar, are you involved in vintage FC racing?
Thanks appreciate your replies; we both agree the Marathon is an extremely nice bike and you couldn’t ask for better components but he decided to pass on the opportunity, big part of that is not being able to demo the bike; a test ride in the parking lot of Performance Bike is a hard sell when investing this type of cash and I have to agree with him..

Malibu412 - No just a Big Fan of Funny Car racing in General :thumbsup: Luv the Vintage stuff lot’s of great memories as kid.
Stardust said:
... just a Big Fan of Funny Car racing in General :thumbsup: Luv the Vintage stuff lot's of great memories as kid.
Same here. Used to catch the 32 funnycar pro shows at Portland International Raceway in the late 70s and early 80s.
Any ideas on the weight of the GT Marathon Team?
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