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GT I-drive Prototype??

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Hi guys, i recently purchased this frame just because i have never seen a frame like it. I was told it was a prototype test bike that GT had made just before they came out with the first Idrive bikes.I was told by the guy that this is one of ten frames made before the idrive actually came out. Any input or information you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

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I could swear I've seen one of those before and looking at the serial number picture makes me want to vote no on the prototype angle.
Thinking early 2000's frame???
Ive looked over all the gt frames from that era and have not seen one that is the same as this. Its not the same design as the xcr or the 2001 idrives but it has the idrive system.
how much did u pay if yadont mind?
Disc brakes Hummmmm

First I drive aka 99 IMO don't think so 2000 + more probable as far a I understand the first ones were all V brake. I have a 99 xcr1000 and it rides like day one i love this bike sometimes I wish it would break so I can get something new but if it works why change... What size is that frame looks Xsmall???
Yeah that's a tiny frame and judging by the the blue paint popping out from under the black paint I'd guess it's one of the early production some one else said in a very small size. A smaller size would look different and with a more radically curved seat tube than 80% of the others you'd see in a larger size.
The frame is 16" from center of bottom bracket to the top of the seat collar. I get that the smaller size might look a little different but it is a completely different design from any Idrives ive seen.
GT's were always measured center to center so that would make it a 14.5" or possibly an XS depending upon the year. What's the serial number on the frame?
AS00530793 is the serial number. From all the specs ive seen on the idrives and xcrs they didnt make an xs size frame.
It is definitely something odd, whether that's because its just a small or xs frame or is a prototype, well... that's the odd part.
After looking at Bikepedia looks like a small LTS front with an I-drive it some prototype cred.

BUT having a regular serial number....that is what makes me think its not a proto. Going off the number it should be # 793 of that model.
looks familiar to me,standard color was blue,with quite a bit of yellow on there to.
I recon it is a prototype.

It looks like a cross between the original DHi and the LTS DS "Boomerang" frames.

So yeah i'd say it's either an early DHi proto or maybe some kind of i-Drive DS proto that
never made production.

It's a shame it's been painted over with black. Looks like a team blue paint job
underneath. Tho if i remember correctly the DHi proto's were all un-marked anyway. Plain black with plain black boxxers. No Stickers, but Peaty's had gold flames on the fork and
Carter's had red flames i think.

Either way that's a very interesting frame you got your hands on!

So where did you find it?
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I got ahold of GT and here is their response. They said it looks to be an early prototype from 97-98 and that they only made between 5-10 of these frames. Pretty cool piece of history i guess. Looks like ill be hanging it on the wall for now. Maybe ill get some graffiti remover and take off that black paint. Oh and i purchased this frame off of craigslist.
Anyone have any idea of the possible value of the bike?
Amerikan88 said:
Anyone have any idea of the possible value of the bike?
Monetary value wouldn't be anywhere near the cool factor of it!

Clean it up, build it up, and let the drooling begin!
yea u should build it...GT fanatics will go crazy
I think im going to try and build it up. Trouble is going to be finding a rear shock that will work for this setup.
Amerikan88 said:
I think im going to try and build it up. Trouble is going to be finding
a rear shock that will work for this setup.
Yeah thats a good point actually.

This bike being a proto theres not gonna be any info on what size shock it's designed to
run with.

Anything Fox will do the trick valving wise, but as far as shock length and stroke go it
might need a little trial and error.

This is a little trick that should you work it out on your own.

Start off by hookin that dog bone up properly and top out the swingarm (by making sure
it's as far down as it can go. Measure the distance between the centre's of the two shock
mount holes. Whatever that number is, go to the Fox website and check the rear shock
details for the length closest to the number you have (round down the the next smallest
size if there isn't the exact same length) and that should be the size you want. Depending
on what size that is there may be two differant stroke lengths available. If so, to check
this just do the trick i mentioned before but instead of doin it with the swingarm topped
out, do it bottomed (so the suspension all the way compressed) take that number and
minus it from the original number you got and that should give you a very rough stroke
Double check it against the fox sizes and once again round down to the shorter stroke
(there is such a thing as too much travel, especially when your seat hits your rear tyre!)

That should help get the right shock for what you need. Something like a VanR should
look the part and not break the bank while being a good little performer.

Being a proto, remember to check the frame for cracks before riding won't ya!
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Amerikan88 said:
Anyone have any idea of the possible value of the bike?
you'll soon see...
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