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Hi everyone -

So I have a technical question that I'm hoping someone here could either just tell me straight out, or direct me to the resource where I could figure this out.

I have a (XL) 2012 Force Carbon Sport, and I just bought a 7.5"x2" 2014 Fox Float X from the classifieds on this site. The seller removed the bushing kit that was specific for his frame.

I checked out spec sheets from GT's site but couldn't find anything on reqt's around shock eyelet info for bushing reducer kit size. I would try to measure my current shock items, but I'm in London for another week and won't be back to the States until Friday, and Fox is closed today and Sunday. Would like to order the kit I need today so it can be there when I get home. Would HUGELY appreciate any help anyone could provide me on the polymer bushing kit size I need to buy.

Thanks a ton,
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