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GT Force 1.0 or Trek Fuel EX 8 or 9

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I know everyone here has an opinion, so I'm just wanted to hear what they are. I'm in the market for a new bike, and these are the two I've really been looking at the most.

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First let me say that i have never really been a big fan of GT. Don't ask me why because I dont really have a good reason. Maybe its the way they feel to me or the way thier full suspension seems to be overly complicated to me (all while still impressive design).

I own a trek 2008 EX8. Love it. Given that i am biased toward the EX9 if you have the cash. My EX rides like a dirt bike - the full floater - is actaully a design/term that had been used way back in the motorcycle industry. The bike actually rides like a motorcycle to me. Climbs with very minimal bob (assuming you have the shock setup appropriatly) and screams downhill over bumps/jumps with no notice.

If I were you and getting ready to drop $2K+ on a bike I would make sure I get a good few miles test ride on the trail. I did that and thats how I decided on the EX.

Good Luck I am sure either will be sweet rides
i wouldnt buy a trek. they're overpriced for what you get, and they just feel cheap to me..

plus you're comparing a 120mm travel bike to a 150mm travel bike.. the force is just a lot more bike.
A better comparison would be to compare the Mongoose Canaan Elite to the Trek EX-8. With the GT you are comparing an all-mountain bike to a XC bike. The Canaan is more XC but light enough to race. It also has a similiar suspension to the GT and has gotten good reviews over the past couple of years. Check out the Canaan at Performance Bike the current 15% off discount and Team Performance credit should make it an attractive buy. With the Trek if your dealer is participating in the pro-deal program and offers any kind of discount the EX-8 should come in at about $2100 the same as the Canaan.
tomsmoto.....I just purchased a Trek Top Fuel 9.8 and I can guarantee you that they are not built cheap. Actually is the best handling bike I have ever rode. I just finished with a Team Fisher Sugar ride all decked out and very light!!!! This bike towers over it, I do sections of trail faster and lots easier than on that bike. Im not familiar with the EX's but im sure they are of good quality!!!! You cant go wrong with the ABP braking and pro pedal.
thats a 5000 dollar bike.. im sure its a fine bike, its just not my idea of what i want for 5 grand.
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