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I am wanting to get a good bike to learn to dirt jump on. I recently found a good place and got permission to build some jumps(which probably wont get started till spring) and I ran across this bike in the shop the other day. Also my towns putting in a skate park and I would like somthing better than my full susp. to ride in it, but just for fun the real focus is the DJ's.
so would this be a good deal for $275?
GT chucker 3.0 Chromoly frame
Rst capa cl fork (crappy i think)
old Xt shifter
acera rear derailer(i know its a cheapo)
tektro mech. disk brakes
equation comp 559 rims( look nice)
forgot to look at the hubs
the crankset has no writing on it cant tell the brand(see pics)
btw I bought my old hardtail there and could probably trade it in for at least a hundred bucks, which would make it 175or less!( I posted this on the DJ/urban forum as well)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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