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GT vs GF

  • Avlanche 1.0

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I have a sweet deal at my fingertips for a GT Avalanche 1.0. The bike shop owner doesn't seem to know what he has, claims its a 2009, but appears based on picture research its a 2008. No difference in specs to speak of, however.

I had been going towards the Gary Fisher Piranha, but this GT has tempted me and I need some advice.

The Piranha has a very solid setup for components, and fits me quite well in the 19".

The GT is a large and the seat tube is pretty tall for a Large, but the top tube length is spot-on.

The GF would run me $900 CAD + tax, but the GT is only $800 tax-in!

anyone with experience/thoughts... please.

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i work at a shop that carry's gt and has the bike your talking about and the fork is crappy. i would go with the fisher it has better components. also you would end up paying more for the gt because you would want to change the fork.
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