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Well fellas, here are a few machines rolling through the shop lately. These are all going to be Factory Team bikes for the Bicycle Emporium GRT Development Team. There are Tallboys, Blur LTC's, Nomads and V10 carbons rolling through and hitting the trails, I will keep the shots flowing as I get them.


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Before SPS NA

Sweet - you've got v-10 c's before the SPS ?
rongarr said:
Sweet - you've got v-10 c's before the SPS ?
Not just yet, they may be on the water. Medium and XL framesizes have shipped and sold out already. Larges coming in next. I will have photos of the three being assembled.
The Notorious "Obie Millers" Nomad Carbon is almost complete. Final parts arriving this week. Ill be sure to post the photos as they come. Probably the best built one out of the fleet.
you mean this one, the All Mountain world championship steed?! :)

Thanks curtykills and the shop for the set up, the bike is super fun!

BTW, it needs to come in for a tune up because last night I put a SRAM X9 rear der into the front wheel at speed which snapped the spoke and shot the nipple through the rim tape which flatted me out.
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