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Group Rides at Levis-Trow

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I was told that there are regular week night group rides at Levis-Trow Mound. Does anyone know if that is true? If so could you prvide some pertinent information such as:

Is the ride open to the general public?

What night or nights are the rides held?

What time do the rides start?

Where do they meet at (Highway 95 parking lot or the chalet)?

What type of ride or rides (race pace, fast pace, recreational pace) are these?

Thanks for the information.

Flyin' Bryan
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I believe I was told the group meets on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm at the main parking lot and anyone is welcome. I will try to contact Steve Meurett or the local club(Niellsville single track inhabitants-NASTI) and I am in for a meeting. I've seen their group before and seems like a real nice bunch o' riders.
No locals have a group ride-the "Strange brew" club from Osseo (WI) comes over on wed nights sometimes and you probably can jump in with them. Usuall they are there after work. Sorry-not real good info for ya.
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