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hey kids-
thanks for the mad props on my lifes work.

im working on a deal to get a new website-cause my current hasnt been updated in three years, but it is difficult cause im a bike maker not a web developer-

***i dont even have a computer.***

actually there are two t.v. s in the back of my car i dont drive.

im borrowing my friend and painters computer to check my email about once a week.

ive been getting a lot of interest in my sliding disk dropouts.
a few things...
i make them myself on a cnc mill.
they are not for sale unattached to one of my frames.
i have a derailleur hanger model.

i just acquired a miller syncrowave 250 tig welder last month.
this means less expensive and quicker frames and am experimenting with aluminum.

i still refuse to make two identical bikes.

you get what you pay for and my bikes are not cheap.- no one who has one of my frames complains about the price. i do everything in my skills to make it worth it.

track bikes are the epitomy of my work. single speed mtbs are a close second.
they are so similar yet soooo not.

thanks for giving me something to do.

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