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Since July 2008 I have been Mountain Biking the States riding the products of other peoples’ efforts and volunteering on trail projects to benefit all. This May I plan on traveling east thru the width of your state which brings me to you subject matter experts. I have learned that locals can be proud of what they have and want to share their goods. I am asking to experience your sharing. Please tell me your ride recommendations. Thank you for enhancing my Oklahoma adventure.

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Come ride Medicine Park! Check out the Mountain Bike Club of the Wichitas and Basecamp Adventure Outfitters on Facebook. We ride Satuday mornings and Wednesday evenings...and whenever we can find the time. We like cobblestones.

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If you are going to be in the OKC metro area, give clear bay, draper and bluff creek a ride. Each trail is very fun. They are all very different. Look up Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship on the internet. Our site shows trail maps for many trails in Oklahoma.
Have fun. Reach out on the OEF forum if you ever need someone to come along for the ride.

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A few suggestions

Oklahoma City Area:
- Bluff Creek.
NW OKC. 3.5 miles of tight twisty singletrack. The trail crosses over a dry creek bed many times giving you quick up and downs. Think lots of roots and switchbacks. It is well designed for the small space that is in and a lot of fun to do a couple laps. However on weekends it can be a little crowded for my liking.
- NuDraper.
SE OKC. 12 miles of flowing smooth trails. There are 4 or 5 different loops that vary in difficulty. This is fun trail to get a lot of miles in on. Technical difficulty is relatively low on the majority of the trail but don't let that keep you away. In the summer time it can get very sandy in dry times.
- Clear Bay.
Norman. 18 miles. Multi loop trail with roots, climbs and lots of ticks in the summer. There are several ways to ride this system and some nice challenges on the Gold trail. Like NuDraper can be very sandy. Also be aware of where you are it is easy to get lost.

Tulsa Area:
- Turkey Mountain
Over 25 miles. W Tulsa. My favorite trail system in Oklahoma. This place has everything - smooth flowing trails, rock gardens, DH lines, long climbs, tight forests, roots, ponds and hidden trails. This is a huge system of trails with 4 clearly defined loops. I recommended riding a colored trail and piecing together lines around the mountain. Yellow trail is the most popular and for good reason - it is flowy in parts with a mile long climb and fun stuff thrown in. I won't go on about the other color trails but know that they are all fun. Be sure you know where you are so you don't get lost.
- Keystone
5.5 miles. Far West Tulsa. Basically a big rock garden. The first 2.5 miles are nearly all rocks. If you want to challenge your technical skills go here. The dam to get there from the north side will be closed until 2015, access the trail from the south side via highway 51.

- Lake McMurtry
28 miles (Four 7 mile trails). Ride the west side trails over the east, the west trails are well maintained. Winding trails up and down through forest and fields. The red trail is a good ride that will get right next to some of the finest cattle in the Great Plains (watch out for cow pies).

- Roman Nose
8.5 miles. NW part of Oklahoma. Neat trail that starts as in a near desert plateau then works it's way around small mesas, next it descends into dense forest before rising again making its way back through a rocky finish. Might be the best trail in Oklahoma. Watch for cactus and rattlesnakes.

Check for more info

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