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Hi all.

I used to post on the old "techtalks" forum a bit, a few years ago. Since been really busy with local sites and such, and havent been back here in a while. Now I want something, Im all over the site like a rash....

If you want to suss out some mtb-ing from the other side of the world, check out its a very active site, and has an active singlespeed community. Apparently the SS world champs are maybe coming to NZ next year? Cyclingnews seems to think so anyway.

anyways cruise over and check it out. if you want to join the singlespeed group you are welcome. (youll have to register first, but its no biggie).

oh yeah if anyone has an EBB Zion 853 frame they want to sell (15 inch) let me know. Shipping might be a killer though.

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