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goatboy001 said:
Can someone give me a trail report regarding tree blowdown at Green Mountain since the bad windstorm in December?

Clear or not clear?

Thanks much - j
As stated Gold Creek is clear....

Plummer still has a couple of blow downs at the high point, due to no protection from the clear cutting... (don't get me started... )

Wildcat is clear...

The January drought of the past three weeks have left the trails are near perfect, no puddles, or mud and a bit tacky, perfect traction...

I've been on "rock patrol" the past few weeks on both GC and WC so they're looking pretty clean.

On Wildcat the second section after crossing the road as you begin to climb is not in great shape, rideable, but tough due to lots of erosion. You might want to take the fireroad and avoid this part of the trail.

Gold Creek. I recommend riding down the highway about 1/2 mile and entering in at the lower trailhead, you miss riding some pretty bad erosion on the first section and the wet mushy stuff on the fireroad, where the streams overflow each year.

Here's a picture from last week on Gold Creek, note the rays of sunshine caused by a lifting fog... The other pic is at the WC trailhead (dry).


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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