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green fluid coming from shock schrader valve?

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just bought my first full suspension after 18 years on a hardtail, a Fisher 292 with a Fox Float R in the rear. Got it used from Craigslist, in great condition. When I brought it home and began tuning it, I released some "air" from the schrader valve and got half green ooze (almost like slime) along with the air. It is possible that the D-bag who owned it before me hooked his shock up to one of those quickflat canisters? :madmax:
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You shouldn't have green sealant in the shock. If it really is sealant and not some sort of grease or oil, you should take it apart ASAP and clean the stuff out. Do this by removing the shock from the bike, taking care to support the rear wheel when the bike's in the stand. Release all air from the shock. Place the valve end reducers in a vice and twist the air sleeve counterclockwise until it comes off. At that point, you'll be able to see what's in the shock. Clean out all the gunk (whether it be old grease or whatever) and lube the seals and O-rings with new grease. (I like Slick Honey or Manitou Prep M.) Reassemble and reinflate.

(Sorry about my earlier response. I didn't read closely enough when I first wrote it.)
My fox float has some stuff like that too. It's brand new, so I didn't worry about it to much. I just left it in there, I dont think you should have any problem with it.
I'd be fine if the slime was coming from the tire schrader valve on the TIRE! :) The problem is its coming from the rear shock! (FOX FLOAT R). I have read some posts about people filling the chamber with fluid to reduce the air volume, but never with anything as green as I saw.
Tin_Cup said:
I'd be fine if the slime was coming from the tire schrader valve on the TIRE! :)
Yeah, I got that now. See my edited response above.
That's what I thought, I am glad I saw that before hooking up a $40 shock pump to the shock and having it fill with slime. I'll clean out the shock before I ride again.

dennisadhs - Have you ever seen this before? Did it affect your shock pump when you try to add air?
I've had the shock for a couple of months and I doesn't effect anything. I just pump it up as normal and have assumed since it was new when I bought it that its normal. I have always wondered what I was but have never worried about it.

It doesn't effect the shock pump at all!
After thinking about it some more, it occurs to me that it could be Fox Shox Float Fluid. If you look at the picture, you'll can see some of it in the handle of the container. It's sort of greenish-blue in color. If the stuff that came out of the shock was oily, I wouldn't worry about it. If it looked like it had those little fibers and whatnot that's found in Slime, then I'd worry a great deal.

If it is only oil, it shouldn't adversely affect the shock pump.
It is just Fox Float fluid, it is supposed to be there and is nothing to worry about.
It is Float fluid.....good grief. Willsimmons beat me to it. Come on'
Float Fluid has the green color you are seeing when it is mixed with air and forms bubbles. The best thing to do is not let the air out of the valve by hand. You will always loose Float fluid if you do. Always connect your shock pump and use it to let the air out. Also, the longer you let the bike stand after riding the better if you are going to let air out. That way the fluid has settled back down in the chamber and is less likely to spew out. Why did you feel the urge to let all the air out anyway?
thanks for all the posts, looks like nothing to worry about and fox float fluid is green now, I've only seen the darker colors. Thankfully just gave the valve a quick press and got the fluid, no more than a pound of air (and fluid) let out.

Larlev, when you get bored with the hill country, come on up to Colorado for some mountain biking ;-)

(j/k - Austin is a great town)
When that fluid picks up particles of the rubber seals and the black particles from the metal, it will turn grey/black.
I let a little air out of my new Fox Float RL on the trail and got the slime. Worried me, but the search function of the forum saved me again. Not letting air out without the pump sounds like logical advice.
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