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Great Weekend!

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As Neal stated in the other thread the forecast was bleak to say the least, but somehow we managed to keep the Phoenicians entertained.

There were four guys and two gals in their group. All very strong and talented riders in their perspective categories.

The climb up Aspen Vista was tough as always.

...but so worth it.

The gals especially enjoyed "all the green"

The chunk even brought on a few smiles...

While the guys were focused on some of the bigger obstacles

Of course, we can't forget the new line down the waterfall...:ihih:

I have absolutely no pics from Paj. I was way too busy trying to keep up with Aaron. Man, that guy can ride. There should be some pretty exciting Photos popping up and I am looking forward to them ...

Again, great weekend. Thanks to all that took part. Thanks especially to delnorte for offering up his couch to us rain soaked Bandos. I got a few "bones" to pick with you though:madmax:
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Great Weekend

You can say that again! this last weekend of riding is going to be one to remember for sure.

I'm sure I don't even have to say this but I hope the crew from Arizona had as much as fun as I did.

Pajarito just keeps getting better and better every year,I don't have the skills to master every technical feature thou but It keeps pushing me a bit every year.

TJ thanks very much for allowing us to crash in your home,good times for sure! peace.


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X-post pics

Weather on Saturday was great.

Here's a pic I posted in Neals thread:


Mtn.Biker 123

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RCC said:
Pajarito just keeps getting better and better every year,I don't have the skills to master every technical feature thou but It keeps pushing me a bit every year.
Here, Here!

..a few more

The end of a very wet, but fun ride...

This looks familiar!

Top of the maka would say

more chunky goodness...

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You sure know how to make a native New Mexican miss NM dont ya...

Thank you, though!!!
Paj was sweeeeet this weekend. Those AZ folks sure can ride too.
I actually really liked riding the wet roots and rocks on Sunday. I don't get to do that often. Sure keeps you on your game. Fell several times, even off a ladder bridge (and broke a board off of it with my a$$). Came away with no injuries, though (thanks to armor & fullface helmet).

It was really cool to feel the stoke up there too. So many riders in ther "happy place". Had a blast w/ the Bandos, as always.
Here's a few from the Trash Pit this weekend.

Julian on the Big Stepdown

Aron on the Trick Jump

Bryan being followed into the Trick Jump
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NM RULES!! What a killer trip we had! REM on Friday, Parajito Sat/Sun, and Trash Pit sesh Saturday evening absolutely ruled! We had an awesome time and are very thankful for you guys to show us around. Neal even showed us the final descent to Los Alamos after the lifts closed!! Thanks again for having us and Parajito is the surely the NEW SW :thumbsup:

Yep Lustboyz said it, Paj rules and so does REM. Thanks for being the trail guide Biker123& RCC, will be back soon. Hopefully somebody got a pic of me OTBing on Bonecrusher right below the lifts. Will post up pics soon. Thanks BANDALEROS.
You guys stepped it up for sure! It was a treat to watch lostboyz perform. Mad Skills..the whole lot of ya'! I am looking forward to the next visit...albeit, probably in Flag.
Ya 123 give us a yell when your heading west so we can set up the flag tour.
Awesome time in NM with you guys. Thanks for showing us around! Paj really rocks. OK, so did the REM trail and the Trash Pit too.

Took tons of photos so posted them up at:
(some are copied versions of the ones you all took too since some of our group are not MTBR's) They are split into three albums.

But, thought I'd post up a few too.


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WoW, Kim! Nice shots. The ones from the Pit are kick arse! You guys/gals are welcome here anytime. We got lucky with the weather and the trails were in great shape.

You must be exhausted after Sunday.
Thought I'd add this one too - pretty cool with everyone watching at the Trash Pit!


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A few from my blog.

Ricky on the New Mothers Milk step down

Shane with the hip.

Colin on the Stepdown

Nicole getting some Bridge action.
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Finally got around to some pics of are tour guides and others.


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Looking forward to Flagstaff...soon, I hope!
Mtn. Biker123 said:
Looking forward to Flagstaff...soon, I hope!
Kind of hot for that don't you think? You should head north for your next trip to mix it up a little. Little cooler temps, something new, same driving hrs, you get the picture.

If/when you head up you should hit them in this order;
Keystone>Winter Park>SolVista

I just got back from this same trip and it was bad a$$!
I'm actually headed north to Cumbress Pass this weekend. Did you hit he RC @ SV?
The pro race course was not finished yet and neither was the 4X.

I hit a few things at SolVista but they closed early so we were not able to get to everything.

I did take a little to much speed into the mini road gap and over shot it pretty good :eekster: :D We seshed this good size double on the last run as well you . ROC was busting parts and armor all weekend :eek:

North for DH,Super D, little FR (take your armor! :lol:)
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