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Do you like riding a bike in the woods?
If you saw somebody injured or have a mechanical problem on the trail, would you help them?
When you see some trees down blocking the trail, have you ever thought of telling the land manager about those trees?
Want to give back to the community?

If your answering yes to some of this then please consider joining the National Mountain Bike Patrol.

There are four mandatory requirements for membership as a patroller:
1. Current certification in basic first aid and CPR. The red cross is offering FREE CPR training on March 12
2. Successful completion of a mountain bike patrol training course IMBA/SORBA is offering the training course as part of the Southern Mtn Bike Summit in Brevard on March 26
3. A passing grade on the NMBP Patroller online certification exam.
4. Send in an application form with membership payment to IMBA. Apply Here

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Maida7 said:
Holier than thou jerseys are available.

But if I wanted people to know I'm a big deal, I'd ride naked.:p
That night be a good trick at a race, you ride naked and everyone will ride faster then they ever had trying to get away from the crazy naked man! :eekster:
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