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So, it's Friday, that used to hold a tradition here in the 29er forum, so I'm going to try to uphold it and post some ride stoke to get the weekend going. Nothing fancy, just a few snaps from our good rides on Easter weekend. Just under 18 miles each time and about 2700ft of climbing, nothing super long, but as always down here, quite steep.

Exploring new trails - basically cow paths and trying to link them up to get where we wanted.
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Found this sweet, very steep, very loose roller, vid below is the same spot.
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Came across a few free ranging cows.
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Found a little jump and sessioned it. Unfortunately one guy snapped 3 spokes out of his new Syntace W35 wheels, so his ride was done. Using those bladed spokes is a bad idea, IMHO, silly to be trying to save that little weight on an otherwise great wheelset like these. Luckily had enough DT Swiss Comp spokes to relace the wheel and he was good for the 2nd ride of the weekend.
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Hit up one of our fav descents on the way back, this is a small section rolling down into a river bed, not so challenging now so dry, but fun when wet.

Last climb was a b1tch on the 1st ride, started the ride late and it was already nearly 9am and the heat was out, 2nd ride we started early, so when we arrived it was only 7:30am and cool and everyone cleaned it.
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Last descent was fun, earned a rotor tattoo when we stop nearly to the bottom of it.
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Finished to this.
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