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Great day for a ride in South Florida today..

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Finally, a day off with no was a 65-70, bright and sunny in South Florida today....I even got my friend out of his house to ride.....

Beginning of the ride

Suprise....he actually came riding today

Good to feel like a kid again

PT at the top of the hill

Love the canopy

Hope everyone else got to enjoy their day too!

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Yep, Fort Pierce it is......all 6 miles are open......some muddy sections and one with water....but a great ride.

Today was the first time I rode the trail......and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Did you see?

Did you see the two deputies riding out there? I saw their cars w/bike racks. I'm not sure if they were out there for fun or work.
Yes, I saw them, I mean us......

We were out there for FUN! and are members of our bicycle patrol.
Good to see people are riding the trail again. I haven't been down there since a couple of months before they closed it.
MTB-50 check your PM (nm)

check your PM
Back at ya!

Check your PM's
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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