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Grease the shock reducer-to-fame interface?

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Like many before me, I am on the elusive trail of a pesky creak in my 06' Flux that is especially noticeable while climbing and its wearing me out. The Turner Forum + Search has generated a great list of things to try so I will start working my way down the list.

One thing that was mentioned was to grease the shock bolts and the shock reducer-to-frame interface. However, there are some folks who said NOT to do this. When I remove my shock the reducers are clearly moving against the frame because there are wear marks on the reducers and part of the reducer's flat surface that touches the frame is black.

New frames don't come from Turner greased in this area right? To grease or not to grease...?
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Do not grease it! Just tighten the shock bolt to the correct spec./torque
What Scuba said. Just don't do it.

The reducers are supposed to clamp together and act as a single, fixed, non-rotating shaft. Locked in place by the frame and rocker mounts. The DU bushings in the shock eyelets, move around the reducers as the shock itself rotates(but stay fixed within the shock).

If your reducers are rotating against your frame and/or rockers try replacing them with a fresh set, and also replace the shock bolts. You don't want them to wear the frame mounts to the point the bolt won't clamp enough. ...I'd think that take quite a while though as the lower mount does not move very much...but don't wait forever.
Thanks. I have resisted slathering grease in there to this point. The reducers are such a tight fit that I have a hard time believing that the reducers actually move inside the shock's DU bushings but maybe they do.

FYI, I bought a new RP23 with all new hardware one month ago so I am sure the hardware is fine. Is 50 in. lbs still the recommended torque value for shock bolts?
Dave in Driggs said:
Is 50 in. lbs still the recommended torque value for shock bolts?
my creak

Had one in the Burner for a while. Hard to find, it was a bolt loose on the back of the rear triangle just in front of the rear wheel. On the Burner it takes a box wrench on one side and and an allen wrench on the other to check and tighten. Check all frame bolts, you'll find it. Make this a part of regular maintence on ALL full suspension frames. :thumbsup:
I had a creak the last two rides until today. It was a tiny rock jammed under one of my cleats. Only noticed it on climbs for some reason. At least my post and pedals got new grease. Glad I didn't take the bottom bracket out or any of the pivots. The only creak on my 5-spot has been the drive side HL which needed to be removed to properly grease.
nuthin wrong with a light swipe of grease on the outside. this from a 12 year turner rider, 11 year shop geek and dt as well. i make it part of my standard build/maint program. those with pushed shocks may not have the need as i believe those bushings are fitted unlike the stock units.
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