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Grease Monkey Wipes (from Shark Tank)

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I was just watching Shark Tank with my wife. They had a couple trying to sell 40% of their company for 40K (which I will not say the result just yet in case anybody plans on watching it).

The idea and the need... wow! I would buy it right now if I seen it! Especially after seeing how it worked on scream (for a buck it is worth it - grease and grime from a trail side fix with 10 miles to go is the worst.

I plan on buying a box tomorrow. I would do it now but I just do not feel like going upstairs to get my wallet (LOL). A few for each car, a couple for the camelbak.

Check it out.

(I am not affiliated with the company - I just really liked the short sales pitch and demo).
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Been using Aloe Baby wipes for grease cleanup for 12 years now since my first boy was born and I seen how well they work for baby butts. I see no need to buy an overpriced product that performs the same function as a .02 cent baby wipe. If I need grease cutting power a little Fast Orange wiped off with the baby wipe works like a charm.

No offense but the company is for sale because it has no market when much cheaper alternatives are available.
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